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  • What is a "cloud based" phone system?"
    “Cloud-based” means that the core technology infrastructure and global network providing the business phone and unified communications system functionality is located in our multiple secure data centers and delivered to your business over the internet. This eliminates the need for capital investment and the hassle of installing and managing complex hardware in your office. Most of the times cloud systems also provide many features that would generally be cost-prohibitive to the SMB market.
  • What exactly is NEOO UC?
    NEOO UC (Unified Communications) is a cloud-based business communications system with enterprise-grade voice, fax, text, online meetings, conferencing, and collaboration. With NEOO UC, you can easily connect your office, remote and mobile employees under one phone system, regardless of their location. Unlike expensive, conventional phone systems, NEOO UC is purchased, activated, set up, and managed online, which means we manage it and you use it. By eliminating the need for complex hardware, lengthy installation, and technical expertise, you get the functionality and flexibility to easily connect with customers without high costs or hardware hassle. With one flat, predictable monthly fee, no contracts, and zero setup costs, NEOO UC makes your business communication easy, affordable, and accessible from your home, office, or wherever you and your employees need to be.
  • What are the benefits of NEOO UC?
    Set up your phone system to work the way you do Connect your office, remote employees and mobile users under one phone system. Easily support multiple locations, move from one location to another, or instantly add new users. Change answering and forwarding rules online, anytime, anywhere. Integration with existing phones or mobile devices. Never miss a call or fax Be connected to your phone system in and out of the office. Customers can reach you or your employees, wherever you are. Get your voice and fax messages anytime, from anywhere. Easy collaboration from anywhere, any device Never miss an important face-to-face meeting with HD video conferencing. Unlimited audio conferencing. Efficient team collaboration with easy group discussion. Simple, all-inclusive pricing for assured low monthly cost Reduce ongoing operating costs. Unlimited minutes means you never have to worry about overage charges. You use it, we manage it No complex hardware or on-site PBX to install or maintain. One provider for business communications—voice, fax, text, online meetings, audio conferencing, and team collaboration. 24/7 customer support.
  • Are there any set up fees?
    No. There are no set up or activations fees.
  • Are the phones really free?
    Yes phone rentals are inclluded in profesional and enterprise plans.
  • What if i already have my own IP phones?
    As long as you have a compatible IP phone we can use it. Depending on plan and number of users we can adjust pricing to reflect this.
  • What about 911 calls?
    We register your lines for E911 when provisioning your account. Rest assured that when a 911 emergency call is placed the operators will have your address.
  • How is the call quality?
    Our platform is fully HD Voice compliant and we fully support and make use of HD voice. Voice quality is far richer and natural sounding than any analog phone line.
  • What about Fax support?
    Of course! Email to Fax is provided. If you want to use your traditional fax machine there will be an additional $11/month fee and a simple to install adaptor.
  • Can I transfer my existing numbers?
    Yes. You can transfer (port) your existing toll-free or local phone numbers to NEOO. Our technical department will work with you to transfer numbers and ensure there is no downtime to your numbers. The porting process takes approximately 2-4 weeks and is dependent on how quickly your current provider releases the phone numbers. Unfortunately, we cannot help expedite the porting process.
  • Do I need special internet or IT to make this work?
    No additional telephone lines, PBX hardware, or installation are needed. NEOO will work with any high-speed, stable internet connection and requires a minimum of 64 kbps of bandwidth per call. You need a router that will make the internet connection available to your phones/devices. For best voice quality, we recommend a router that is QoS (Quality of Service) enabled. By configuring your QoS router to prioritize the voice traffic over other internet traffic, you’ll experience better voice quality when your internet is being used for other activities (e.g., downloading large files, watching online videos, etc.). If you have any questions our technical team will be more than happy to assist you.
  • Are there mobile apps?
    Yes there are! We have apps for both iOS and Android Devices. You can chat, text, video call, and make voice calls with them. We also have applications for Windows and Mac OS.
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