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Modern Architecture

Our Mission

Provide your business with next gen conectivity solutions at breakthrough prices. 

Indoor Bonsai Tree

How it began. NEOO UC

NEOO is a subsidiary of DSS Toronto Inc., an IT company servicing many distinct industries from networking, managed services, and physical infrastructure.   We found a gap in the voip market and took it upon ourselves to fix it.  With a strong background in networking and security we are proud to launch our NEOO UC platform. 

We built a product that customers said they wanted with all the features they wanted and nothing they didn't. A platform that allows you to work the way you want, where you want, and when you want. 

Security and reliability is at the core of NEOO. Coming from IT roots building highly available fail proof networks is what we do so we built a dedicated highly available network for NEOO UC. From multiple geographically separated redundant tier 1 data centers, fully redundant network and hardware stacks, and multiple backend carriers we made sure there is no single point of failure. We guarantee 99.999% uptime (5m 15s min per year).

All communications and data are fully encrypted with military grade encryption. Unline some other providers that only encrypt data in transit with NEOO data at rest, and data in transit is fully encrypted. Data never leaves Canada so you can be sure you are staying compliant. 


Security and Reliability

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